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Neumob speeds Mobile Apps to provide optimal end-user experiences anywhere in the world. It's Mobile First architecture and global presence combine to improve Mobile App performance by 2-10 times.
Published on October 30, 2015

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Neumob : App acceleration for a mobile world

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Neumob : App acceleration for a mobile world

Shorten the mobile mile

70% - 90% of the latency in mobile applications occurs in the "mobile mile", the distance between your outer edge and the user's device. Existing CDN technology is focused on optimizing the "middle mile" which only accelerates traffic between your datacenters and your CDN's outer edge.

Neumob Accelerator shortens the mobile mile by optimizing the connection between the user and your outer edge, this significantly decreases response time, increasing user satisfaction.

  • Optimize 100% of HTTP, HTTPS and third-party traffic
  • Reduce the time your users spend waiting for network responses

No mobile user, device, or network is quite the same. Nuemob takes care of optimizing for all of them.

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