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Build native apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript, Native UI, push, analytics, login modules "out-of-the box", Cloud build service, no need to setup Eclipse / Xcode, Update your app without re-submitting to the App Store
Published on December 10, 2015

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Trigger.IO - The Simplest Way to build amazing mobile apps

Mobile Framework
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Trigger.IO - The Simplest Way to build amazing mobile apps



You write your HTML5 code using the Forge JavaScript API which gives you access to native features such as the camera and contacts API.

Our cloud build service does the rest to create your native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Learn how Forge works.


Iterating on mobile is usually much slower than on the web since you need to go through the App Store process or TestFlight for each update.

Now Reload allows you to iterate at web speed by pushing updates to the HTML5 code in your mobile app instantly without users having to install an update. Learn more...


Extend Forge with your own or 3rd party native modules. Easily embed SDKs for cloud services using Modules.

Add post or pre-build hooks to our build process. Pre-process your code, such as adding a coffeescript build step, and modify the built app directories and executables.





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